When you think of Mauritius, you think turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, well this is Mauritius at its finest !!

Found on the south east coat, the blue bay marine park is simply stunning and one of the best places in the world for marine life and snorkelling. The 353 hectares includes the lagoon, with the coastline at a depth of 5.5metres.

In the crystal clear waters there are over 50 species of coral, and fish of all colours for you to view.





For those where snorkelling isnt an option the glass bottom boat is a must

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Mahebourg / Blue Bay


Is the primary (but nethertheless small) city of the Grand Port region situated on the South East Coast of Mauritius with a population of around 17,000. It is centred around a very popular food market and it’s other most notable feature is the well serviced bus station – from which you can reach virtually any major destination on the Island.

The city is probably best described asslightly dilapidated with shoddy buildings interspersed with the odd modern build.

Nether-the-less Mahebourg’s charm somehow invokes a sort of wonderment. Whether you be sampling the street food, moseying through the market,shopping for curiosities, peering seawards from the boulevard or simply watching the wonderful characters pass along something about Mahebourg will surely stay with you forever.


When snorkeling try sprinkling a little coconut in the water, then relax and watch the vast array of colourful fish surround you

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